Purple is My Happy Color

Casually wondering how people would feel if I wrote an ongoing AU fic in which I rework the entire TWD world and replace the Walkers with werewolves.

And we ain’t talkin’ no Twilight “Oh look at me I’m all magically clean when I revert and hey I have a six pack and oh yeah I’m just a giant wolf when I turn gimme a fuckin’ bone” kind of werewolves.

We’re talking dirty, gritty, skin ripping apart and screaming at the top of your lungs and losing your GODDAMN MIND because the pain is so horrible and all you want to do is EAT EAT EAT kind of werewolves.

And Daryl, of course, would be one. Eventually. And angst. And Caryl. And Caryl angst. And lots of dark, gory death and maybe some dirty sex at some point.

  1. gonerandom said: I bet you had them all at ‘dirty sex’. :)
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    I will gladly take the blame for cheerleading this like a fucking fic whore.
  3. lokis-love-child said: Yes please.
  4. takemysoulaway333 said: *melts* YES YES PLEASE DO THIS!!
  5. broodybluebird said: YES This needs to be done!!! :D
  6. tameaonfear said: DO IT. DO IT NOWWWWWWW.
  7. nova802 said: You had me at dirty and gritty…
  8. heathensobsessions said: yes.
  9. thereadersmuse said: GIMMIE.
  10. kathleensmilesfandomstuff said: So much approval!!!! DO IT.
  11. arlertoutlet said: i would read anything and everything you write but i confess I REALLY LIKE THIS IDEA
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