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Carol and Daryl’s reunion



As Crane prepares the tea, he clenches his hands around the kettle so tightly he feels the metal bite into his palm. He flips the dial on the gas oven and sees his hands shaking—just barely, but still trembling. He forces himself not to think about what happened today. If he thinks about it he’ll disintegrate and suddenly, he’s terrified that he won’t be able to put himself back together again.

Abbie sits at the kitchen table, her hair slightly curly and wavy about her face. He watched earlier as she wiped the trails of mascara—women of this day owned as many cosmetics as they did in his century—from below her eyelids, making a joke about knowing she should’ve worn waterproof makeup. “If I’d known I would’ve been going for a swim,” Abbie said in her driest tone, “I wouldn’t have worn my cheapest mascara.”

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People keep acting like Bucky treated Steve like some precious little flower too fragile to touch and that he was constantly keeping him out of trouble and all “no that’s a bad idea, Steve.” but …like …


I mean sure obviously Steve dragged Bucky into trouble by doing reckless shit (no not “picking fights” because he didn’t do that, he tells off bullies who proceed to resort to violence and if Bucky’d been at the movie theater he’d have totally told that guy off too so don’t even) but it’s made perfectly clear that Bucky dragged Steve into plenty of shit too. Just imagine that day on Coney Island “I don’t about this, Buck” “you’ll be fine, Steve, it’ll be fun!” “I’m not sure I should …” “don’t be a baby, let’s go!”

The only time he takes the well-meaning but extremely patronizing “No, Steve, this is too dangerous for you.” stance people constantly write/draw him with is at the Stark Expo, when the thing he’s warning Steve away from is going to war. Kind of an extreme, clearly not his every day attitude regarding him. Just the fact that he even suggested Steve take a factory job (which were extremely dangerous, something Bucky had to know) is proof he never babied him.

Bucky treated Steve like an equal and that meant letting him make his own decisions and face the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad, maybe facing them with him. Yes, he was protective, maybe a little overly so, but he never treated him like a child and he definitely did his share of getting them into trouble.


my random deadpool makeup test.




She’s so cuteeeee!

You can bet your ass Ichabod would’ve dove right on in after her if Abbie’s hand had sunk too low for him to grab.

Ichabod had to give Katrina and all the bull she was talking one of these



"I didn’t tell you because I care for …


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" I didn’t tell you so you could fulfill your role as a wit..


our duty must be to one another, before  a n y t h i n g  or  a n y o n e.